Five top tips to write a great article on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has provided some tips to inspire writing articles on their site but what about getting that content together?

Whether it be an article for LinkedIn (or any other social media), here are my top five tips to write a great article.

  1. Just start – the beauty of Word is that we can type our story and edit it at any point. To get you started, just start writing. Don’t think about whether your opening paragraph is fabulous. You can work on this during your editing phase and after you have your main ideas on paper.
  2. Make it punchy – as we’re all so pushed for time, readers may only have the opportunity to skim your article. Highlight your main points with further information should the reader want more detail.
  3. Include photos or video – The visual appearance of your article helps the reader enjoy what they read. Break up your content with relevant visuals, however, be sure to credit (and pay) your source correctly.
  4. Let it sit – I always write and leave my edits until the next day – so that I can re-approach the content with fresh eyes.
  5. Tell people who you are – A summary at the end of your article helps highlight your credibility for the content as well as a way to get in touch.
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