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So many owners of people placement businesses are struggling to find experienced and talented consultants. This was further highlighted in HHMC’s latest Business Intentions Survey where business owners saw this as a significant impediment to business growth. Experienced consultants would undoubtedly help growth, but the lack of availability makes this a frustrating endeavour.

I’ve spoken with rec-to-rec recruiters to find out why there is such a challenge in this area. With only one experienced consultant available for every 50 positions vacant, a recruitment firm needs to score 100% for each of Top 5 questions before being selected by a potential hire:

  • What is the reputation of your agency?
  • As the Founder or Managing Director, what are you like to work with?
  • What is your track record in building and mentoring your staff?
  • How attractive is your office location & fit-out?
  • How much are you prepared to pay?

With such a candidate bottleneck, consider what we all advise our clients when they have a tight job brief with limited candidates:

  1. Open up the brief. What competencies are critical for your organisation? Is it technical, sales or the emotional quotient? The right candidate for your organisation may be already in your industry. If you need expertise in sales, consider those who have a sales focus with a relatively short sales cycle.
  2. Invest in training. A well-selected and trained rookie consultant should be covering their costs within six months.
  3. Look within. Who within your organisation could be groomed to become a consultant? Why not increase the responsibilities of your support staff or upskill your researchers?
  4. Do it differently. Why structure the same old way? Deconstruct the recruitment role and reassemble with parts outsourced or streamlined.

A recent article on Seek.com highlighted why you should consider hiring a candidate outside of your industry. Although written for the broader market, this article had some pertinent points for Recruitment Firms looking for consultants to run a desk. It referred to a study identifying the top five industries where candidates are keen to make a move.

  • Call centre and customer service
  • Sales and business development
  • Insurance and superannuation
  • Real estate and property
  • Marketing and communication

A number of these industries have similar sales cycles to recruitment. Your company could offer a fresh change for these candidates as well as establishing improved loyalty and cultural fit.

It’s never easy to recruit for yourself. Like the proverbial plumber who always has leaking taps at home, it is worth taking the time to think broader when planning to expand your team by looking beyond the obvious. Even with a 100% scorecard on what you can offer an experienced consultant, the fit just may not be right. Candidates with the competencies you need may be just the ticket!

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