Are old recruitment firms stale?

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A big issue that any recruitment firm faces after being in business for five-plus years is the increasingly competitive landscape. No longer are you the new guys on the block. Clients are probably not loyal. Despite your depth of experience and track record, you find that your favourite client wants to give the new guy a “go”. Is your recruitment firm stale?

Use the opportunity to give your business a refresher:

  1. Map your market and competitors – How are they positioned and where do you fit? Use parameters such as price vs quality; retained vs reputation etc. Such a map will help determine your future communication and rearticulate your unique selling points.
  2. Create some buzz – What have you got that is “new”. Perhaps a new hire? A new, more sophisticated process such as embedded psychological testing; a new event for your target clients or candidates; a new way of reporting your shortlists (video?); sharing data your placement successes.
  3. Keep on walking the talk – We can get bored repeating the same company positioning again and again. But how well are your clients reminded of what you do and why you do it? Be sure to show it in all your interactions with clients and candidates alike.
  4. Social media injection – When was the last time you used your social media to communicate your successes and positioning? Why not write a blog, video a client interview, create a podcast?
  5. Reinspire your team – we can all get lazy, especially when there is little competition or when the economy is buoying the company’s successes. Are client visits dropping? (“Let’s just do it by phone”) What about the level of conversation with your clients? Is it just transactional? (“Do you have a job for us?” – aaagh!!). Reinvigorate your team with new initiatives for your clients. Change the conversation. Present the latest market information to your clients to use as topics for discussion at your client meetings. Meet with them in person.

Don’t be stale – it’s why clients jump to the new fresh businesses. Keep invigorating, inspiring and implementing new ideas, and you’ll see the difference!

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